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Pre & Postoperative Physiotherapy Care

Types of surgeries requiring physiotherapy

There is wide array of surgical operations that are covered under rehabilitation through physiotherapy. Some of which include:

Hip and knee replacements: Physiotherapy is required both before and after surgeries like joint replacements or resurfacing, labral repairs, arthroscopies and fractures. Before the surgeries, physiotherapy is required to strengthen the muscle to cope up for the after-effect of the surgeries and helps in early recovery. Post surgery physiotherapy helps you in restoring balance, strength and helps you in resuming your normal lifestyle.

Spine Rehabilitation: Operations such as discectomy, microdiscectomy, laminectomy, spinal stabilisation requires patient to get appropriate physiotherapy. This provides an aid in early recovery and also to attain balance with optimal stabilization.

Breast Cancer Rehab: Breast cancer patients undergo various bodily changes that weaken the body in later stages. Besides, starting physiotherapy parallel to the surgical treatment and continuing it after operation can help patient to maintain the right body posture, limb strength and helps in attaining the confidence back in the patient.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab: Patients who will be undergoing cardiac and thoracic surgeries should get pre and post cardiopulmonary physiotherapy rehabilitation that helps the patient in increasing not only the muscle strength but also helps in improving their lung volumes, capacities and heart rates.


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